how to change logo using module

Platform 2.1.3(Enterprise),Reference Application 2.8.0,

i am not a developer so how can i change logo using any other module or simple way

Did you take a look at this?

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Thanks for your response

is it worked in Platform 2.1.3(Enterprise),Reference Application 2.8.0 ??

Can you try it out?

yes i try it please see this here

Is all that you are interested in, a mere change of the logo? If yes, can i look at a screenshot of the exact logo that you would like to change?

@dkayiwa I am also willing to change the openmrs_fevicon icon in standalone 2.11.Is there any way to to do that.Thanks

Can you take a look at this How do I rebrand OpenMRS - #49 by sharif. got some nice resources hopefully