How to avoid CSRF error when accessing openmrs legacy UI

I was able to run successfully the demo script without much configuration changes but when i access openmrs legacy url "localhost/openmrs"i get OWASP CSRFGuard JavaScript was included from within an unauthorized domain! error. i came to know that i can disable it by configuring My question is where i can configure it in the ozone demo environment. also if i persist my data for nest startup of demo there is no script. i found that the destroy script actually destroys everything thing includes DB volumes.

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@ibacher @mksrom @ruhanga to your attn :point_up:

Thanks for reporting this @nvvnravi and for sharing your clues. This is a known issue that will be fixed as part of alpha.9.

Thank you @mksd . but then how do i set up the data needed for the emr. like adding providers , medications, and other master data