How-To and Best Practices for New O3 Implementation in 2024

Hi -

Our team is gearing up to deploy a new O3 implementation for a single hospital in the Philippines. Gratefully, there seems to be an abundance of documentation for deploying OpenMRS and O3, although some of it seems a bit out of date, particularly in light of developments in the last year or so.

What do folks think is currently the best documentation guidance for implementing a new O3 instance in 2024? It seems like the most recently edited docs are:

We will be documenting as we are building and implementing, and would love to contribute back to the community our experience – and update whatever documentation currently spells out best practices for O3 implementation.

As of now, the rough sketch of how our setup will look like (still working through this though)

  • fork of openmrs/openmrs-distro-referenceapplication
  • run on docker
  • separate environments for dev, UAT, stage, production
  • clear distinction between source code, data, and config files
  • CI/CD pipeline leveraging Github Actions

It seems like DRAFT: O3 EMR How-To Guide Outline already has a lot of this info in there, in draft form – but could use some attention and touching up. @grace any near-term plans to do anything with this document that you are aware of?

thanks kindly, Phil