How to add new language to OpenMRS 2x?

I have tried following steps but the language is not listed in Default Locale drop-down. I am trying to add Pashto language to OpenMRS. I have translated some modules in Transifex - Pashto.

  1. I have followed the instructions of wiki and added file.
  2. Added language code to locale.allowed.list

Result: I see the Pushto language in Proficient Locales but it is not listed in Default Locale drop-down

Can you create a trunk ticket and attach your translated message properties file?

every module had different message properties file, which one should i attach to the ticket?

How can I do it locally?

Is this of help?

Transifex will take care of downloading the message properties files, but we will need to edit each of their configs so they know about more languages, e.g. this file:

We should probably script this so we can add all the missing languages to all the modules in one go. I won’t have time to do this, so @hpardess, are you in a position to look at this? If you need to just add pashto, that’s okay, but if you’re already doing that and it’s easy to add other languages, which @ibatista can help make a list of, then that would be great.

PS- also each module’s config.xml files would need to be updated to reflect the new language(s) too.

Sure I will add all the languages that in mentioned file. Also in config.xml file of each module. @ibatista: I am waiting for list of languages and modules those should be updated.

Do I need to create a ticket for this? Which project should I select for ticket?

@hpardess, I realize that @ibatista probably doesn’t have that data.

I have run a script against transifex. Assuming I got it right, here is a list of all the resource + language combinations that have translations: everything-with-translations.csv (9.7 KB)

Is this enough to work with?

Go ahead and reference the existing ticket RA-1000 in the PRs. (Unless you especially want to create a new ticket to describe the details better…)

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@hpardess, as a side note here. We are working on this: ADDR-108: ‘Enable i18n support for address hierarchy entries’. Regarding the i18n support for gazetteers, this is particularly relevant when you deal with a second language that uses non-Roman characters, which is the case with Pashto.

We are about to start early testing, let us know if you would be interested in that feature too.

I made the changes in .tx/config.xml and omod/src/main/resources/config.xml file but I am not able to commit it to github ( I followed but I can not create pull request.

Could you be more specific? Are you getting some error message?

The idea is that you need to be a /dev/3 or above to commit directly to modules under the openmrs github org.

If we can’t get the PR workflow to work for some reason, I can temporarily grant you direct commit access so that you can make all these changes to .tx/config and config.xml as efficiently as possible.

Let me know what works best.

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That would be good if I get direct access and commit my changes to .tx/config.xml and omod/src/main/resources/config.xml file of each module.

I will add all the languages listed in csv file generated by you.

@hpardess, I invited you to the /dev/3 team. Let me know when you’re done making these changes, and I’ll revert that.

(But you should feel free to go through the dev stages in the normal way also!)

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