How to add locations for different roles?


I recently installed OpenMRS 2.0.1 and i installed all supported modules. Now i can only see Unknown location, due to this i’m unable to register a patient. Literally i’m not able to create any record with that location.

Can anyone help me how to add different locations for different users(Registration clerk, Inpatient, Outpatient … )?

Thanks & Regards.

Did you try out the OpenMRS Reference Application?

Yes, I installed 39 modules successfully those are Release Notes 2.5 only.


This is annoying me, I tried by playing around all modules but no clue for how to add locations… Can anyone help me?


You can add locations by logging-in as Super User (admin/Admin123) and add new locations from the form available on this URL.

You can navigate to the above form by navigating System Administration > Advanced Administration > Locations > Manage Locations from home page.