How to Add attached data on REGISTRATION Form 1?

How to Add New section like “Additional Patient Information” with data as per mentioned in below image.

I need to display above data on Registration form. I am fine even we can able to add it in “Additional Patient Information” section. I need to add many more fields on Registration form.

I already above mentioned data on VISIT form but I need to display on REGISTRATION form only.

To add these fields to “Additional Patient Information” section, you would need to add them as Patient Attributes in OpenMRS. Documentation here:

But, if you want to create your own sections on Registration page1, like “Income Section”, or “Socio-Economic Section”, then I am not sure. Might be possible using Concept Sets, but not sure.

Maybe someone else can answer this part.

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Through “Patient Attributes” my requirement will not get fulfill.

You can add the fields in the image as “Patient Attributes”, but they will always be displayed as dropdown if the format is “org.openmrs.Concept”. The flexibility to add extra configurability for the concepts is only for observation templates. In that case, you can add the fields required (displayed according to the screenshot attached) in registration visit page. Please refer “Configure Visit Details form:” in

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According to the image you attached, below are the steps to create “Questions” section

  1. Add the patient attributes Marital status, education, occupation, Activity, meal, smoking, tobacco, alcohol, relation
  2. Add the below configuration in registration/extension.json

“questions”:{ “translationKey”: “Questions”, “title”:“Questions”, “attributes”:[“education”, “occupation”] // add all the attributes } Sample Output will be like below


I did the same way now. i.e. through “Patient Attribute”. Now I want to create sub-section it like “Address Information”, “Other Information” available on Registration form.

I want to create below mentioned sub-section in “Question” section.

Now “Question” section look like below mentioned image

With in the custom sections you created in the registration first page, sub-section grouping is right now not possible. Instead of sub-sections, you can create as many custom sections as you want.

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Thanks @sravanthi17 for help.