how to add an admission charge for a patient in bahmni?

If a patient is designated for admission from disposition in clinic, how can i raise a sales order for the admission charges in openERP ?

ERP only processes orders. When you give disposition, there would an encounter of relevant type created (AFAIK).

  1. In 0.91, You will have to write code on “openerp-atomfeed-service” to process encounters, check the type and create admission charge (somehow)
  • alternate is to “intercept” that encounter creation request, and raise an order type “Admission Charge”. This needs to be processed in ERP. There are some hacks of creating the “concept” as Radiology to enable it to sync to ERP (and then changing the type to MISC again)
  1. From 0.93, any type of order processing will be supported. Check BAH-406.
  • Although you still need to raise an order of that type (you can use the above intercepter suggestion)

@angshuonline i ll try this and get back at you as soon as possible ! thanks for the reply.