How to add all ICD-10-WHO concepts in openMRS?

Reference Application: 2.12

Question: I’m pretty new with openMRS, curently I’m exploring it. The problem is I can’t find all diagnosis in visit of a patient of openMRS[I’m providing a screenshot in below. How can I add all concepts of ICD-10-WHO in openMRS?

Thanks in advance.

The CIEL dictionary is the primary shared concept dictionary among OpenMRS community. It contains most diagnoses in a form that would be recognizable and usable by a clinical person. We did not include all of ICD-10-WHO as codes. Patients do not have “OTHER DISEASE OF BLOOD”. CIEL might have multiple diagnoses that MAP TO the code for Other disease of blood. If you are missing concepts or codes that are needed, they will be added. I am not excited about entering all the codes just because they are in the ICD-10 dictionary… but given the right use case…

The first question is whether your server is using the CIEL dictionary or only a custom list of concepts.