How to add a table in Java? - Emmanuel Katto Uganda

Hi all, my name is Emmanuel Katto and I’m from Africa (Uganda). I am unable to find an option of adding a table while creating a website on Java, can anyone help me in this situation?

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hi dude i dont know whether you are familiiar with the jsps and html and css but with plane java i ever asked my self that and i used the JTextField and the JLabel and the GridLayout to set java tabular am also learning but that what i did

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Hello, when posting questions please make sure you send to a group and not a single individual that way you can get broader attention.

Alternatively, you can post questions in the OpenMRS slack channel where you’re are more likely to get realtime responses.


Ohhh, okay…

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Okay, thank you so much you sharing this information, actually I’m new to this platform so I’m learning how to use this…


Hi Emmanuel Katto, you need to make an instance of the JTable class. You need to provide two arguments (“row” and “column”). Like this: JTable table = new JTable (row, column);