How to add a lab order in the new Order Entry UI

Hi All,

I’m testing the latest order entry ui. Thanks so much for the hard work, is looking great so far.

I would like to know if there’s a user guide for adding lab orders? At the moment I’m just seeing “No Lab Orderables was found”.

Thanks, Laura


We would be working on a documentation on how to configure the order entry UI soonest. to get it working for yourself now, just follow the steps below.

  • in the attachments section of this JIRA ticket, please download the file

  • import the file as a metadata into your standalone

  • create and set the value of global property orderentryowa.labOrderablesConceptSet to da006137-88ca-4d11-ae58-8b4b439afdd6

That should get you up and running, if you encounter any issues or clarifications,feel free to mention me on your next response.

Thanks, Efosa

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@efosa can we actually work on this documentation as part of the current sprint? It would be great to just direct people to a documentation url. We can always continually improve it as development goes on.

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Yes, I will create a ticket and work on it before this sprint ends

Thanks so much for the responses. Will test and let you know.


Tried the steps mentioned, metadata import failed with duplicate CBC, and lab order does not show any panel details. What could be wrong? Trying with Ref app 2.8


I forgot to reply to this ticket. I tested it and fixed that duplicate and then was able to see the panels. Don’t have time right now to get screenshots, but if you need more help after fixing the duplicate I can give it a try again.

Good luck! Laura

Yes, I tried the same way after removing duplicate and it did show the panel /saved lab order. Thanks a lot.

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Is there a way to link/trace lab orders to lab test results (eg attachment).

Where is the attachment?

hi Sirianth, the app has undergone some major changes since I last worked on it, I’d be referring you to the currently active developers on the project to put you through this process…

@daramola98 @rotimi please attend to the concerns raised by @kshebbar

Thanks, Efosa