How to add a drop down named as 'species' in the registration form ?

i am implementing bahmni on an animal hospital and i want to add a drop down named as “spicies” in the registration form. it has like 17 spicies. my question is how you do this ? do i need to to create a concept as ‘species’ and add all those 17 spicies? thanks !

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@alexie666 yes. As of now, thats what you would need to do.

  1. Create a concept-class “species”
  2. Create concepts representing “Cow”, “Human” etc - class: species, datatype: n/a
  3. Create another concept “Animal Species” - class: species, datatype: coded, and include - “Cow”, “Human”. Note down the ID (not uuid) of the concept “Animal Species”
  4. Create a person attribute - “species” - and choose type as “org.openmrs.concept” and put the ID of “Animal Species” as Foreign key.
  5. The registration page should show up the “Animal Species” attribute and options in drop down.

Alternate: (we don’t have the means yet)

  • I would love to have just the ability of defining the person attribute as Format “String” and specify the options (this can be done in other attribute types like Provider, Location, Concept etc - because they follow a newer programming model underneath)
  • In Bahmni application config, have attribute configuration to provide a list of options for a field.
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i will try this and get back at you asap brother ! thanks for the reply.

Sorry for the long delay. This worked thanks brother !