How to access Provider DashBoard in Demo application

I tried accessing the ProviderDashboard module in the demoApplication but I couldnt find the module. when I visit the manage modules section and click on the ProviderManagement module it redirects me to a brief error which has this addons url exclaiming that Provider Management module isnt hosted on this server.

I need to see the workflow and get the APIs for implementing this sub section in provider module of the Android client thanks!!

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@saurabh i think the reason for not accessing the provider management dashboard ui is what @mogoodrich mentioned here

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@gcliff so Is there any way I could access the module or can you help me with the API endpoints querying which I can fetch the the patients associated with a provider I couldnt look that up in the API documentation . thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you mean

i only see the rest end points for a provider and for an encounter

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@gcliff thanks for pointing out the github repo it helps, specifically this method

sure …

may be @mogoodrich @cioan could deeply weigh in on this

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@saurabh, not sure if this is helpful in regards to your question, a few years ago we added a few pages to coreapps module that helps us to manage CHWs at a few of our sites. Those new pages leverage the providermanagement API. Here is one of the entry points if you would like to check it out:


@cioan thank you, This is almost what I was looking for but I cant add patients to the providers since there are no relationships in the dropdown and its a required field. and could you point me to the endpoints used to fetch patients for a provider used there in the link you shared that would be great :smiley:

Here is the controller that finds the patients assigned to a provider. Is this the method you were looking for?

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@cioan thank you, this seems like it can I test this endpoint and see if it works somehow are there any API documentation references for it??

@dkayiwa Is the provider management module not hosted on the demo server? Do we have to setup a local OpenMRS instance if we want to run & test out this module?

This is where you check the installed modules from?

Thanks @dkayiwa . @saurabh looks like you need to setup a local server to test the module.

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@f4ww4z I would try and do that after finishing this repository layer tasks :+1: !!