How to access and share different servers on different machines via online

Hi friends, Am having a scenario where by am trying to create an application that uses a certain server call it localhost:8080/openmrs-standalone.And have made my changes int it, And i want to just share this server port number and it can be accessed via online someone by URL using , Have tried to follow some of stack overflow answers but am failing to replicate the issue, How can i get unblocked from this scenario Thanks cc.@mozzy,@ruhanga

@sharif local host means the server runs on your local machine. The only way some one else on another machine can acces a server is when its hosted on a remote machine like our Demo servers

That’s what i mean ,The way openmrs hosts servers online is the best example, and i hope you did this in ref 2.10 , So how can also be able to have this.

Thanks @mozzy let me check into it

hi here,what could be the reason of sharing your local instance of openmrs? @sharif

I think you have been seeing how we use new testing application. The whole point was not sharing the instance of openmrs though it was a different case. @herbert24

i think you can explain your scenario more,i cannot really get what you trying to mean

Do you want to use Team Viewer ?

Currently we use for testing purposes of reference application releases, this server needs internet to work, So i was asking my self of how can this happen, Thanks to @mozzy because he shared the link above, i was asking my self of how it works, this implies that you can also create your server and trigger it to make it run online for testing by easily sharing the link of your demo. makes sense @tendomart,@herbert24

Not sure what you mean exactly, but that’s not the purpose of demo. Demo is not for testing releases. It’s just for new users to have a feel of what OpenMRS can do.

If you want to create your own server available on the internet, usually people recommend using a machine from Digital Ocean. You can find a lot of tutorials on the internet.

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Thanks @cintiadr

@tendomart am not getting what you mean about Team Viewer

Have you looked at this ?

Sure i have looked at it and i got the way forward ,any reference is highly appreciated but for now am looking forward to see the way forward

according to your explanation,it looks like you want to do some hosting,there available tools that can help you do that online as explained by @cintiadr and @tendomart .You can pick up on doing some research on hosting the several technologies that your are running

Thats cool @herbert24 thanks

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