How should GCI students go about issues that have "Needs Assessment" as their statuses?


I noticed that for some GCI tasks, the status field for the related Jira issue is “Needs Assessment”. The documentation on claiming issues (per said to claim “Ready for work” issues. What should we do when claiming GCI tasks with “Needs Assessment” Jira issues?

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hello @permissionerror ,u can have a look at this &

Will help clarify your question

@permissionerror Tickets that are tagged “needs assessment” need some further evaluation and so you should not claim them for work because they may be a duplicate of another ticket that has already been fixed or some other reason… So follow the documentation and claim only those tagged “ready for work” as you wait for those under assessment to be made ready too… Kind regards.

Thanks for the information, Reagan. I’m not sure if the same would apply for GCI tasks though, as most of the Jira issues that are attached to tasks that I scrolled through are in “Needs Assessment”, rather than “Ready for work”. Should we avoid claiming the tasks with “Needs Assessment”?

Example: The Jira issue (GCI-335) attached to this GCI task is “Needs Assessment”. Do we avoid claiming it?

Well, when working with GCI tasks you can ignore the JIRA status and simply claim your task and start working on it


Gotcha, thanks for the info.

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Yes, I completely agree with you