How might we….start making OpenMRS the best in 2019? Contribute to our Operational Plan!

At OMRS18, we held an incredible brainstorming session where we shared our dreams of how we might make OpenMRS and our community the best thing in our lives and in the world. Those of you who were there - probably over 100 - generated over 1,500 ideas! We’ve been going through them for common themes and over the next several weeks, you can read summaries for each of them on the OpenMRS blog.

We want to start bringing these ideas to life, which means that they need to be reflected in our 2019 operational plan. We’ve already identified where many of your ideas can be put into this year’s plan. In some cases, they are already slotted into one of the plans for:

1: Develop and evolve the Platform

2: Develop and evolve the Ref App

3: Encourage and support distributions/foster partnerships

4: Build and maintain educational support/capacity

5: Support content management

6: Ensure efficient and effective operations/community engagement

We still have work to do - and you can contribute in multiple ways. Lead or co-lead an objective! Review the plans that we come up with and make sure they hold together! Tell us we’re being (un)realistic! Come up with metrics!

  1. If you are interested in a specific area or role (i.e.: lead, co-lead, reviewer, etc), message me directly @jennifer or tell us by filling out this form by Monday, 13 January.
  2. Join our discussions on plans for specific goals/objectives. These will happen through 24 January. Fill out this Doodle poll with your availability and we’ll do our best to find a time that works for as many as possible.
  3. Review the final draft in late January/early February

Keep an eye out for announcements and updates!


Hi @jennifer From where I can get the the details of above ideas so that I can also contribute ?

Great question! In addition to taking the survey and Doodle poll mentioned above, here are a few ways for you to find out more about these ideas - and to share your own.

  • Review our operational planning worksheet over the next two weeks. Our operational planning worksheet has a tab dedicated to each of the six areas mentioned above. It includes activities from last year in Columns A & B - and ideas coming out of OMRS18 and from the community in Column D. If you are inspired and have ideas for an activity (or sub-activity) in a particular area and don’t see it there already, please add them to Column D.

  • Participate in a call to discuss the plan for a specific area. I’ll be posting times on Talk and on our calendar, so please keep an eye out for these.

If you want to know more about the ideas generated during OMRS18’s How Might We? session, keep an eye out on our blog, where we are posting summaries for each question over the next few weeks.

thansk @jennifer for providing theh information and for giving me a chance to explore and contribute.