How many OpenMRS implementations in Rwanda?

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know how many and which health facilities are currently using OpenMRS in Rwanda? Are there already health centers or health clinics using it?



Dear Fleur,

There are quite a few actually :slight_smile: RwandaEMR is an OpenMRS distribution.

  • PIH (IMB) Rwanda facilities use a PIH-version of RwandaEMR. @mseaton or @tanderson are good contacts for questions.
  • Some facilities like Muhima Hospital’s RwandaEMR instance are maintained by Gilbert Uwayezu’s company 1000Hills Solutions LTD
  • Others are maintained by @rubailly or his team from Logiic - actually he’s just started an EMR training/incubation hub near Kigali
  • IIUC The RW MoH is supporting work on RwandaEMR also by QT Software Ltd, the lead MoH technical vendor.

I have really enjoyed visiting all these folks & orgs :slight_smile:

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