How many of your sites use device-only (no LAN)?

Hi Community,

I’m trying to understand how common it is these days for sites to use a single device to host OpenMRS - e.g. a single laptop, with no LAN.

Approximately how many or what % of your organization’s OpenMRS sites need to use a single device to host OpenMRS, with no LAN, no intranet, and no internet connection?

Rough estimate is okay, it’s better than no data!

Would love to hear from any Implementer Orgs willing to share :slight_smile:

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We actually don’t have any single laptop with no LAN deployments.

TLC uses its EMR over the internet since 2017, and through the years the connectivity only kept improving. At first they used a bit Bahmni Connect but this was dropped fairly early on and isn’t really necessary anymore.

If anything, for the couple of villages that are offline, they’d use a portable server, that would rather be their use case.