How is responsiveness configured in O3?

Question today from @pmanko & @ccwhite23: How are we managing Responsiveness Breakpoints? Is this configurable at all?

Concern is how to be prepared in case of bespoke screen sizes.

We should update the to explain this.

CC @dkigen @zacbutko

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Hey there,

I don’t think I’m understanding the motivation behind the question? Is there an implementation that wants to change the standard breakpoints? Why would they want to do this?

Currently O3 has a fluid, responsive design punctuated with three standard breakpoints: 600px, 1024px, and 1440px. Any screen size from 600px to over 4000px will have good responsive behavior. The breakpoints exist so that the UI can rearrange in a natural way to better display content at in-between screen sizes.

Right now there is no way to configure these breakpoints, and I would advise against such a thing. Features are specifically designed and then built with these breakpoints in mind. Changing breakpoints via configuration could cause most of the site to look weird with small changes, and very bad with large changes. Supporting arbitrary breakpoints would be a quality nightmare. If the community made a decision to change the standard breakpoints it would be An Ordeal as many features explicitly and implicitly have styling and rendering logic that would need to be closely re-evaluated.

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