How is dataCanvas populated in registrationapp/registerPatient.gsp?

I’ve used Angular in the past and the dynamic div population for the “one page webapp” seemed to make sense but I’m currently digging in to openmrs-module-registrationapp and just can’t make sense of how the three dataCanvas div’s are being populated, specifically in /openmrs-module-registrationapp/blob/master/omod/src/main/webapp/pages/registerPatient.gsp#L337

My team has been looking at this for days and cannot figure out how or where the fields are getting populated into the dataCanvas. Any help would be very much appreciated!

Thanks @mksd!

As Dimitri has linked to, the “one-question-per-screen” workflow that is used in the Registration App (with the left-hand nav) is generated by a “Keyboard Navigator” Javascript component that was developed in the pre-Angular days. The full code for it can be found here:

It’s pretty neat how this works, and we’d gotten a lot of use out of it, but can be a little hard to update and maintain at this point.

Take care, Mark

Thanks all!

Myself and my team are working on RA-1352 (Which I believe you initially pointed us in the right direction @mogoodrich) and identified the fix, now we need to determine how to get the ticket moved from “Waiting For Analysis” to “Ready For Work” so we can get a Pull Request submitted :slight_smile:

@bledoux you should be all set, just marked as Wating For Dev