How does two modules talk with each other ?

Hi everyone. I had been working on setting up Reference Application on PostgreSQL recently. I have a doubt here.

Reference Demo Data module makes use of constants from EMR Api module. If I change the value of these constants in EMR Api module and then add omod of the build, Reference Demo data module is not able to detect the changes.

Is it that one module makes use of services of other modules from remote maven repo of that module ? and until my change is not on remote maven repo. I won’t be able to test it on my local system?

cc @ssmusoke @dkayiwa and anyone who can help

why do you want to make the above changes?

A constant in EMR Api Module needs to be corrected . Its case is inconsistent with that stored in db. I wanted to test the changed constant value, but it is not getting detected.

Have you tried changing to use the latest SNAPSHOT of emrapi?

Yes but the change is still not getting detected.