How do you think the Platform should evolve?

Please join us on this week’s Developer Forum on Thursday 2-3pm UTC (see in your timezone) to discuss “Enhancing the OpenMRS Platform.” We value input from everyone doing development with OpenMRS and any stakeholders with opinion or advice on how the Platform should evolve over the next year or two.

In our operational plan, we outlined six objectives for the OpenMRS Platform in 2016. These include making a transparent process for managing the Platform’s road map, releasing on a predictable schedule, making the platform scalable & reliable, creating a robust framework for collaborative development, ensuring consistent resources are available to refine & support the Platform, and supporting & growing the number of developers contributing to the Platform.

During the upcoming weeks I will be introducing and opening up discussion around these objectives. To start, I’d like to remind everyone of this week’s developer forum and ask for your thoughtful input. If you can join the call, please do; if you cannot, then please join us in OpenMRS Talk and let us hear from you. The goal of this week’s developer form is to begin a conversation around where the OpenMRS Platform should be going over the next year or two both functionaly and architecturaly. This initial conversation will not be about prioritizing specific features or bug fixes; rather, it will be at high level of strategic approaches. Here are some framing questions to consider:

  • What strategies should we use to incorporate new features into the Platform?

  • How should we decide on which technologies are embraced/used by the Platform?

  • How can we maximize opportunities for collaboration between different organizations without slowing people down?

  • To what extent can we begin sharing components higher up the architectural stack (i.e., can we find ways beyond REST APIs to share client-side code)?

  • If the Platform evolved to include re-usable web components over the next year or two, what would that look like?

I would love to see broad representation on the call, but I understand that real-time calls have their limitations, so this will be a first step in our conversation (e.g., I plan on reaching out more formally to key stakeholders in the near future). In any case, if you can join us this Thursday, please do.

I look forward to our conversation and to seeing the places we’ll go!


-Burke :burke:


Thanks to everyone who attended today’s Developer Forum to discuss where we should be going with the OpenMRS Platform. I appreciate your input.

If you were unable to join today’s call, notes are available here. If you have additional thoughts/ideas/suggestions on how the Platform should grow over the next year or two, please don’t hesitate to add your comment(s) on the wiki page or here within OpenMRS Talk.


-Burke :burke: