How do we normally approve content in Transifex?

Hi @burke @dkayiwa, I see there are a LOT of translations done for us in Transifex that have not been approved. TBH I didn’t realize we need to do an approval process.

How do we normally review and approve transifex suggestions? Is there a particular account we use?


Screenshot showing approvals needed: (well, I’m assuming “to Review” means "needs approval by an OpenMRS admin, is that correct?)

Actually, when I go to check the “21 Issues”, the last comments are from 7 years ago - have we not done a review in 7 years??

(CCing @ibacher @mksrom b/c I believe they have an interest in this topic)


Work and effort on Transifex has historically come in boluses over the years. Whether or not translations need to be reviewed or not is configurable. I think some projects are configured with a review process either because it’s the default setting or to prevent things from getting changed without any oversight. Translations do not have to be reviewed by admins. Transifex allows for teams to be defined and assigned to projects and, within a team, people can have various roles (managers, coordinators, reviewers, or translators). The extent to which all the features of Transifex are used has varied over time and by project. In many cases, I think we’ve leveraged Transifex for it’s ability to manage the translation process & get those changes directly into our builds more than using all of Transifex’s features for a formal translation process. We’ve certainly benefited over the years from using Transifex when an angel shows up out of nowhere and blesses us with translations of key resources into a new language. :angel:

In any case, you’ve discovered yet another space where we could direct volunteer efforts. :slight_smile:

I’ve added you as an admin on Transifex, so you can see a little more.

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