How do I upload and view a patient image in OpenMRS 2?

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(Arjun Chundiran) #1

I checked the link, but i couldnt find anywhere the option to upload/ vew the patient image. Can somebody help me to find the same?

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(Michael Downey) #2

The Patient Image module is an additional module for OpenMRS Platform, and is not bundled with OpenMRS 2.x which is what’s running at

(As a side note it has not been updated since 2012 and I don’t know it’s current compatibility with the latest Platform version.)

@sunbiz is the owner/maintainer and may be able to provide additional information.

(Saptarshi Purkayastha) #3

It works fine with the legacy UI patient dashboard on the latest releases (platform 1.11.x or ref 2.2). But it doesn’t show up on the 2.x UI dashboard. A good weekend project to target for this weekend. Will update the module release page and this thread when its done

(Saptarshi Purkayastha) #4

I’ve made a new release of the patientimage module. This works with the 2.x UI dashboard as well as the legacy UI without requiring any of the reference application modules. Download module: Module’s source repo is now in github -

(Arjun Chundiran) #5

@sunbiz… Thank you so much… So now is it deployed as part of openMRS2.x. Is this funcationality available in now?

(Michael Downey) #6 is running OpenMRS 2.2, and the module was not included in that release.

OpenMRS 2.3 release is pending in the next few days, so it is too late to be included in this release. It could be considered for an upcoming release, however.

Meanwhile, the easiest way to explore this would be to download the Standalone edition of OpenMRS 2 from and install the newly-upgraded module directly.

(shanik fernando) #7

I have installed this new module on a standalone version of OpenMRS. However I am only able to upload pictures and view them under the Legacy UI. I have ensured the global properties are enabled to display under the 2.x interface. Am I missing something here?


(Saptarshi Purkayastha) #8

Like the documentation page mentions, the patient image upload or camera handling is only done through the legacy UI at the moment. Next release will allow adding patient image through the 2.x UI

But can you not see the patient image (once you’ve added it from Legacy UI) on the 2.x patient dashboard?

(shanik fernando) #9

That is correct. However, navigating through the Legacy interface the patient image is still present. It appears that the patient image module is not incorporated into my 2.x UI. There is no empty slot for a picture.

(Saptarshi Purkayastha) #10

Can you post a screenshot of how the patient dashboard looks in the 2.x and legacy UI? and do you see any exceptions in the log?

(shanik fernando) #11

(shanik fernando) #12

Is that sufficient?

(Saptarshi Purkayastha) #13

Thanks for sharing the screenshots. Can you please check if there are any exceptions thrown in the log?

(shanik fernando) #14

the server log? there weren’t any there

(Hameedullah Pardess) #15

Patient Image v1.0 module is not working in OpenMRS 2x. Is there any other approach to upload the patient image?

(Daniel Kayiwa) #16

@hpardess can you download version 1.1 from here?

Remember to rename “patientimage-omod-1.1.jar” to “patientimage-1.1.omod”

(Muhammad Sarwar) #17

Hi, I am trying to use Patientimage. I t has been deployed successfully but when I open the Register a Patient page it asks for a username and password. I provided admin username and password but still it did not work. Same behavior on both legacy and new UI. I am working on OpenMRS 2.1.3 and Reference Application 2.8.1.

thanks in advance

(Daniel Kayiwa) #18

Which version of this module are you using?

(Muhammad Sarwar) #19

I am using the patientimage-1.2.1 version. I believe this is the latest version

(Daniel Kayiwa) #20

Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing when you try to register a patient?