How do I upgrade Bahmni the right way?

I tried to use command in Linux that is

sudo yum update bahmni-* update

It updates everything however in the end I can’t access both openmrs and Bahmni. Both gives 503 error, openerp works just fine though. Is my way the right way? And how do I resolve that 503 error? Any log i can refer to?

Hi @abiieez,

Please check this talk thread for the steps to upgrade Bahmni. You can check the openmrs.log file for the errors. You can find this file at /opt/openmrs/log/openmrs.log

The link you gave is good. However I also tried removing all old Bahmni packages and installing new ones. But I get the following error when starting up httpd

SSLCertificateChainFile: file '/etc/bahmni-certs/chained.pem' does not exist or is empty

I noticed the bahmni-cert package is installed however the chained.pem file is not present. Has anyone encountered this ?

Hi @abiieez, We aware of the issue with upgrade from v0.86 to v0.87 with specific version of bahmni-installer rpm. We have fixed that in later releases.

  • If you have valid SSL certifications for your domain then replace '/etc/bahmni-certs/chained.pem' with path to your chained.pem file in ssl.conf file.
  • If you don’t have certificates then by creating a sample chained.pem file at /etc/bahmni-certs/chained.pem location will solve the issue.