How do I solve “could not create connection to database” error?

Hi every one how to fixed the following error

???Error executing sql: create database if not 
exists `?` default character set utf8 - Could not 
create connection to database server. 
Attempted reconnect 3 times. Giving up.???

Unable to create the database. The password 
might be incorrect or the database is not 

Kindly use pastebin to share the entire error log for easy identification of the problem.

it is very Urgent

It’s hard to solve a problem without looking at the error log. Just go to Copy the error you got and paste in the white space in the pastebin link and share the link after creating it

Ok thank you

what are you trying t o do,are trying to set up openmrs>

@hafizurahman have you used like @jwnasambu told you? If you did please paste here the link to pastebin that we could follow to help you.