How do I remove the local names from Registration Page?

The default vagrant box / centos install currently has a registration screen which shows these fields: I want to remove the “local language” fields in the second row.

How can I achieve that?

These are patient attributes. Once we retire them using OpenMRS Admin module then it won’t be available in Bahmni registration.

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@gsluthra As shan pointed out, if givenNameLocal, middleNameLocal, familyNameLocal are configured as person attributes in Bahmni (which comes up configured with vagrant box automatically), they show up on the “New Patient” page. So, the easy option of removing it is through OpenMRS Admin page and retire/delete them.

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Ok. Got it. By going to OpenMRS Admin here:

And then retiring each attribute type, I was able to remove the fields from the Registration Screen. So, Bahmni generates the UI by reading the person attributes of OpenMRS (including the order of the fields too it seems).

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Is there a way of achieving this using command line which can be automated? I have installed Bahmni using documented steps on a CentOS server and get the same. I would perhaps write a script that will run additional customizations like, removing unnecessary information like localNames and other such things.

Hi @spoojary,

Check openmrs.person_attribute_type table to retire person attributes. You can write a sql script to retire the attributes.

Thanks @binduak. I think I am better off taking a backup after all my customization and use it as a golden image. Perhaps I haven’t stated my objective clearly.

Some implementations use Liquibase scripts to auto setup their DB with relevant data.

For instance this is Possible-Health configurations – where they have written migrations:

Go inside of bahmni server and write those commands:

  1. mysql -u root -p password
  2. use openmrs;
  3. update person_attribute_type set retired=1 where name=‘givenNameLocal’;

and it’s Done!