How do I install the UI when downloading Platform?

I’m new to OpenMRS. Got the master from github & facing same issue with Tomcat (not using Jetty). I would like to stick to master branch. Is there any way i can get the UI?

Please note, I’m very very new to this and would greatly appreciate a detailed answer. Thank you very much for your time.


It would be better understanding exactly what you are trying to achieve @pavkb71? is it just getting openmrs running and seeing the ui, interacting with it (reference application UI) or sticking onto the continuously evolving master branch!

For the master branch, we are currently resolving quite a number of issues and may take you more pain to run it and see the UI, otherwise consider using any other branch as @smuwanga did

When you access the openmrs platform, it should show you a wiki link with details regarding how to install the legeacyui and hence see the UI you are looking for.