How do I create hospital departments in OpenMRS 2?

Platform Version: OpenMRS 2.2 Standalone

Question: Good day , I need to add / create Hospital departments e.g. Antenatal Department , XRay Department that are linked with the Registration Department as on the Home page. How best can I have this done.

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Starting in the next OpenMRS release there will be an app to manage this from the new UI. However in OpenMRS 2.2 you need to configure this from the legacy user interface.

Go to: “System Administration” -> “Advanced Administration”, which brings you to the legacy Administration screen.

From there, “Manage Locations”. You want to create a new location like “Antenatal Department” that is a child of your main facility location. And you may want to tag these with Login Location, Admission Location, Transfer Location, etc.

Hi Darius,

  1. I have the same software version running on tow different Operating System , Window 7 32 bit and Windows 7 64 bit (desktop) that have different settings. Find attached .jpg files .

  2. The “System Administration” → "Advanced Administration appears in one of the operating system is different from the one that appear in the other OS. In one of the OS , there only Administration-> Location, where as the other has the instruction that you referred to .

  3. Attached is the Antenatal Care Menu that I need to incorporate into OpenMRS, at the same time link this module with the Registration module.

  4. I have copied the data from one machine to the other, but still its the same discrepancy.

  5. The menu structures are totally different .

  6. The openmrs-standalone. jar file is the same.

From the screenshots, it looks like the first one is Platform 1.11.2, and the second 2 screenshots are OpenMRS 2.x.

@michael is correct, one of these is the legacy UI included in OpenMRS Platform, and the other is the OpenMRS 2.x UI.

(Conceivably you could have installed the same version on both computers, but there was some problem at system startup and modules failed to start. You would see this by going to Administration -> Manage Modules and check whether there are any modules listed as Not Started.)

@darius, Thank you . It worked.