How do I create a reporting parameter drop down menu?

Application Name: OpenMRS Platform Version Number: 1.11.x

Question: Hi,

I’m creating a SQL Data Set Definition to query a database where time_period=:time_period. The time_period parameter is set to “Single” “string”. I would like to have a drop down menu showing “Week”, “Month”, “Year” as the options, passing the text value to the SQL query. I can’t figure out the advanced properties to get this to display in a select one drop down.

@mseaton I know you’ve done a lot on reporting. Is this possible through the reporting module’s stock interface?

Thanks, Craig

@craigappl, I did a quick check and it doesn’t look like this is currently possible. But it looked like it would be straightforward to implement so I gave it a go here:

Are you in a position to build the latest snapshot of htmlwidgets and give that a shot?

Let me know how you get on with this.

Thanks, Mike

Thanks @mseaton for doing this immediately! :slight_smile: @craigappl as a token of appreciation to Mike, you could add this to the wiki documentation. :smile:

Thanks @mseaton for doing this immediately! I built and tested the module. Everything works as stated. @dkayiwa I updated the documentation.


Thanks @craigappl :smile:

Great. FYI, I have just posted version 1.8.0 to the module repository with this feature added.