How do I change the "Address" columns for a patient's data?

Platform Version: 1.9.8

Question: Hi , I want to know what must I edit in order for me to change these columns in the patient demographic, I’m lost in the openmrs.war file haha

See Administering Address Templates on the wiki:

its also possible to change the Addresses right?? ( the box name thing )

To change the label on top of that section you would need to change the underlying message code (perhaps using the custommessages module, if you don’t have a module that can do this in its own code.

SO sorry for the late reply I had no internet connection last week, anyway I will do try what you’ve suggested thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hello sir , thanks for the tips I didnt used the custommessages but I tried it though. I simply edited the messages file in openMRS and it changed thanks a lot for the tip , I really appreciate it :slight_smile: