How do I add observations through XForms?

hello there, I would love to be able to add observations through form entry of XForms. I’m able to do it through “add observation” in the adminstration page:

But when I use the XForm I created: It doesn’t add an observation. Please help :smiley: thank you

Did you take a look at this?

Yes I did I stuck to all the instructions…Is there a part in particular you are referring to?

I will read it more carefully and get back to you sorry for being such a newbie…but I’m trying :smiley:

Did you add these fields on the form schema screen as on that wiki page? Or did you add them directly in the form designer?

I added them on the form schema

on the field type, what should I choose?

If you read again and it does not work out, ping dkayiwa on IRC

ok I will. thank you :grinning: