How do I access the underlying OpenMRS in Bahmni Vagrant box?

(posted on behahlf of a community member)

I have installed Bahmni Virtual (vagrant) box. How do I access the underlying OpenMRS instance?

To access the vagrant box (which is running centos), you need to first go into the box, using the command:

vagrant ssh

Once you are in the box, you can access OpenMRS by going to:

cd /opt/openmrs

All modules are inside:

cd /opt/openmrs/modules

To start or stop openmrs, the command is:

service openmrs start service openmrs stop

To access openmrs, visit your browser and enter:

Default login credentials are superman/Admin123.

More details are documented here:

@gsluthra Will you explain how to add a new module to bahmni-vagrant.I run the bahmni setup but I need to upload the data exchange at module upload interface,I’m not able to find the option.

if you mean typical openmrs omods, then you can just put them under “/opt/openmrs/modules” directory and restart the “openmrs” service.