How can we show options on Reference application UI instead of legacy UI

Working on the OAuth module project in the gsoc 2018, I initially thought of displaying option to manage or run smart apps on the administration page using legacy UI. Like this :

Now as discussed with @mavrk, we are deciding to show these option the reference application. Can anyone please guide how I may proceed ?

I think a good option will be creating a separate Open Web App for this module and add those to the Reference Application through the Add-Ons.

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I have already incorporated the other features required for the SMART apps support in the oauth module. What we need is to show the option to “Run Smart Apps” under which the list of SMART apps will be shown and user may be able to run any of those.

@mavrk may I get to know where exactly you think we can show the “Run Smart Apps” option?

Because even if we work with reference application, we still can add it on the Administration page which is handled by legacyUI. So what exactly you think could be a better option?

Is there any way we can show up that on some other page i.e. for eg. the home page?

Everyone feel free to help :slight_smile:

Good though @pkatopenmrs, you can add it under the Administration section now. As you know, we have a bonus deliverable of making an OWA. We can make this OWA for the OAuth2 module later on to offer additional functionality in RefApp.

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Ok cool… :slight_smile: