How can we define the required module and version for OWAs

We all are moving towards making OWAs for OpenMRS and upgrading other OWAs. Most of the OWA uses the WebServices.REST module to get the information via REST(Eg : SysAdmin, AddOnManager). But some other OWAs uses some specific modules like ReportingREST (Eg : Built-in reports).

While we working on the OWAs, We may require some new REST implementations or fixed REST implementations for our needs. So there will be a requirement of that updated version to run this OWA without any faults.

AFAIK We follow, required modules in config file for OMOD modules. Like that way, What is the way to require a OMOD module and that version for Open Web Apps?

CC : @dkayiwa @darius @mogoodrich

It looks like you missed out on this: OWAs and dependencies

Got it. Thanks @dkayiwa