How can volunteers help?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been following community plans for combating ebola with some interest. I’ve seen the wiki post at and Darius’s comments about a Refapp Distro + Ebola module at Quick CI approach for building & packaging Ebola module

So my question is, do we already know what features we are developing ? I see a subset of features listed on the wiki page. Is this what we will accomplish ? Given that time is short, how can someone (me or other) help out ? and also, what kind of help (developer or otherwise) do you need ?

I’m sure that you’ve already figured these out these details, but wanted to ask here, for everyone’s benefit :slight_smile:


Hi @surangak. I think @ball @darius and @hamish have been working on some initial ideas along with @akanter, and are planning to schedule a real-time community discussion in the coming days about some early design ideas and to solicit more feedback … all in addition to further ideas that will be worked out here.

Be sure to look through the topics in this category and keep watching, as everything will be announced here. We are still in the early days of a marathon ahead. :slight_smile:

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Well-intentioned, uninformed solutions are all too common in informatics and can often be counter-productive. Getting input from people on the ground at sites treating Ebola (e.g., how patients are/can be identified, specific forms used, detail about workflows, realistic descriptions of challenges & needs, etc.) would be extremely valuable. I believe Ellen has some forms from the field, which will be a great help.


I have a collection of ebola and viral hemorrhagic fever (VHF) forms from various groups working on the ground. I’ll move them to public location and notify the community.



Hi Burke et al, I’m helping the SCI (Save the Children International) team in SL, and we are very soon going to relay our specific needs in terms of forms, workflows, etc. Of course you probably want to build a more general tool than just for this site, but this will hopefully be a good start. So far our point of contact has been Hamish, and we have sent him some preliminary material so far.

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@aram, Hamish has shared (some of?) that preliminary material. We’re looking forward to hearing more.

I outlined my expectation of what might be needed under Features and Requirements here:

Definitely looking to revise that to reflect specific on-the-ground needs identified by people like you.