How can I upgrade my local bahmni system?

Hi, I am using bahmni on vagrant and virtual box, the system that I use I downloaded it around October 2015 (last year), I need to upgarde the system to latest version of bahmni, how can I do it?

Please follow these steps to migrate

You can either upgrade Bahmni inside your vagrant box, or you can download a new vagrant box. The steps mentioned by Sravanthi explain how to upgrade Bahmni. If you just want to download a new vagrant box, then follow these steps:

If you are following the approach suggested by @gsluthra, then make sure you incorporate your previous local changes manually after upgrading.

@sravanthi17 and @gsluthra will it affect the local changes that I have made to the system? like concept added

Yes… You have to take backup of databases. After upgrade restore the database using backed up files. Do you have any configuration changes ?

Yes have made some changes also on the /var/www/bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/ folder to customize the system

Then you might have to backup your changes (@ /var/www/bahmni_config )and restore those after upgrade. Because, the approach @gsluthra mentioned, you will loose all the local changes in your box.

This box is packaged with demo config and data setup needed to have bahmni up and running.