how can i see graph of the vitals entered above in attached picture

Application Name:-Reference Application Module 2.12.0-SNAPSHOT, windows 11

Version Number:- 2.4.3 Build 0ff0ed

Question-1: how can i see graph of the vitals in attached picture

Question-2: i am not able to integrate chart search module when using this version of openmrs, the following error was thrown

Question-3: i also want to add few other tests like creatinine, sugar level etc. and plot the graph of the same in patient dashboard like vitals. Can anyone help me with that?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @ashish_gurmaita , here’s the link to the documentation on how you can create obs graphs: Patient Summary Widget Documentation - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

Thanks for your warm response ,

i am not familiar about how to implement the code and where to configure it will you please explain me that with a example so that i am able to do it by my own. if possible then please explain it with some process wise video clip or screenshots it could be much better for me to understand

have you by any chance read through the document sent to you by @jesplana

In general, the way to add apps to your Reference Application is covered here: System Administration: Manage Apps - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki.

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Thank you sir, The documents suggested by you helps me to resolved my problem Thank you again

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