How can i recover my missing directory on Git Bash

Here are the results i get when i run the commands. cc. @dkayiwa, @jwnasambu

You have your git installed, i hope the directory cant be missing, you just need to know where the specific git repos directory folder, Always check C:\Users\Gracebish, this is default directory every time you clone a repository from git.

Run the commands inside the directory where youre code resides

You must have cloned the repo. from github. Go into the cloned folder and then run the various git commands. This error indicates that the directory from which you are running the git commands is not a git repo.

Hope what has been mentioned is helpful…to just add on:

  1. Gitbash will always show u the branch ur on either master or another that u created(this is important because whatever command ur running is going to affect that branch) 2.To be sure u open bash in the right folder…u may want to first navigate to the cloned repo and right-click which offers the option to open in gitbash.
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@reagan she wants to make some changes on the commit. Go to your repository -right click in the space - select “gitbash here”- ensure you are on your branch which is TRUNK-5496 - type in git stash to help to a clean working directory - make changes -then do git commit -m then git push. You may have two commits at the end but you will squash into one after words.

cc @gracebish

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@gracebish hope the above solutions got you covered!!

I did my best. Only waiting for feedback especially that i have a Travis CI Build failure