How can i have multiple gender options other than F/M in openMRS

Application Name: Standalone Version Number: 2.5.9 Build 0

Question: I am not facing anyissues so far, just wanted to find out if there is any OpenMRS version that i can use that has other multiple gender options besides the default M/F at registration? Or do I have to do some modications so that gender can be expanded? Sorry i may have been a late comer or asking a question that may have been addressed already, anyone who could help me with this as soon as possible is appeciated. I am a freelance developer, there are some private institutions that really needs to implement OpenMRS from my country and they have approached me needing this kind of information

I just want to share some of the past discussions that have happened around this.

Okay thank you, let me scan through them

The short version as far as I’m presently aware is that gender as supported in OpenMRS is Administrative Gender. This does support “other” and “unknown” as options. At this point the best advice I think is that detailed gender information should be collected separately. You can define a patient attribute, add that to registration, configure it to show up in the header on the patient chart, and it can have whatever values you like (values provided by the concept dictionary).