How can I create a role allowing users to edit others' encounters?

I have a question regarding the Privilege management (edit/delete encounters):

What we currently have in OpenMRS allows providers to delete/edit encounters that they have entered. The providers cannot delete/edit encounters entered by other providers… which make sense.

The only role who can delete/edit the encounters of other users/providers is the system administrator.

The question is… I need to create a data Quality role through which a user can delete/edit encounters entered by other users.

Any recommendations on how to do this?

This is an unfortunate bug that these privileges are not automatically created and assigned to certain user roles.

See the documentation of that bug here:

Particularly, it describes what privileges you would need to create and assign to let a non-admin user edit forms.

Thanks very much @darius you always been supportive I think what should I do is clear. However, for some reason I could not find this file on my server

I have windows server and search the whole machine but failed to find it. any advise on this

As a user of the system your should go through the administrative user interface to add these two privileges, and grant them to some roles.

(RolePrivilegeMetadata is part of the source code and is where the underlying bug needs to be fixed.)

-Darius (by phone)

@darius I really appreciate your explanation… Thanks … I was starting to reverse engineer .class files :grinning:

You are just the best

Thanks again