How can I best ensure the CIEL dictionary is loaded?

Hi Everyone,

The iSantéPlus module uses many concepts in the CIEL dictionary and forms will not render if the CIEL dictionary is not loaded. Our installation workflow includes:

  • Load the OpenMRS.war file
  • Stop Tomcat
  • Load the CIEL dictionary (mysql -u -p openmrs < LATEST_CIEL_DICTIONARY.sql)
  • Load the modules in to OPENMRS_HOME/modules/
  • Start tomcat
  1. Does this workflow make sense? Is there a better way to package the CIEL dictionary with the distro?
  2. If 1 makes sense, how can I ensure that the CIEL dictionary is loaded before the iSantéPlus module is started? Could I somehow add a dependency on the CIEL dictionary, or cause the module startup to fail if a particular concept isn’t loaded?

Thanks, Craig

FYI @nathaelf, @guerschon, @jmaxy, @jamesfeshner, @mogoodrich

We currently load the current version of CIEL into the global properties. You can just ping that to see whether the update was done. However, there is no set versioning number provided (that you could check for) only the date of the version.

@craigappl, as far as I know this is currently the best way to do things in production.

The combination of Open Concept Lab and the OCL Subscription module will provide a better workflow, but these are still in alpha/beta from the OpenMRS perspective. (And we have no specific timeline for working on them.)