How can I backup an OpenMRS installation?


I just do the installation (with much help from you! XD) OpenMRS, I now assure all that I have done so far but need to make a backup from time to time and do not know how it could establish a backup that was like a "point restoration "where I can reestablish that everything is exactly as when the backup was made

I have reviewed all their aid.

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Not sure if you saw the link provided by @darius when you asked this question on IRC, but do check out the “MySQL Backup” page on the OpenMRS Wiki:

A quick Google search of “backup OpenMRS” returns this as the 2nd result, so it’s probably a good place to start. Do ask additional questions here in this topic if you have them!


yes perfect, but I’m looking to make a backup of the whole platform not only database

To backup an implementation, you (usually) just need to backup three things:

  1. The database
  2. The modules
  3. The openmrs.war file

You can normally download #2 and #3 again, so the database is the most important thing.

Cheers, Pascal

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In addition to the database you could backup Application Data Directory, the location of which you can find in the System Information page, which is linked from the Administration page. See Look for Local Repository e.g. /usr/share/tomcat7/.OpenMRS/modules, which implies that the Application Data Directory is /usr/share/tomcat7/.OpenMRS/

It is possible that some modules may be storing data in different places than Application Data Directory so you must refer to their documentation. Application Data Directory is the recommended place.


Okay, so in a nutshell: I do backup data to the Application folder and mySQL database? I found this module appears make all the backup of the entire database would use this to make MySQL backup and might make a backup of the APLICATION DATA folder with a script and everything ready?

Dear ibatista, you might also consider doing a bare metal backup with a utility like Clonezilla.


this option to create a clone liked a lot

Thanksyour very much