How can I add multiple Laboratories and Pharmacies and forward lab test and drug order to a specific Laboratory and Pharmacy ?

I want to add multiple laboratory and pharmacy is their any api in openmrs to do this. Is their any module that you can suggest me


i would recommend GitHub - digitalhealthcaresociety/OpenMRS-DrugOrders-Pharmacy: E-prescription and Pharmacy software system for digitalHealthcare society .However looking forward to see recommendations from others, am sure there are more Lab,drug order modules which i might be not aware of currently

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Thanks for your answer @sharif. But I want to add multiple Laboratories and Pharmacies related to one hospital, then a doctor or hospital staff can forward this order to a specific Laboratory or Pharmacy. Can you give suggestion about this

i guess this is something configurable, Basically what are the use cases you intend to be implemented in laboratory and pharmacy, probably this can give us some insight of what you are trying to achieve.

@sharif A hospital can have more then one Laboratory and Pharmacy. A user can choose a Laboratory for Lab test orders and also for Drug order he can choose a Pharmacy.

Sorry for my bad English, What I am trying to say user can forward their orders to a specific Location