how a drug,radiology order from clinic to openerp made?

i would like to know how an drug,radiology order from clinic to openerp made? i currently know how the link between openelis and clinic made and i successfully made a radiology order and it created in openelis without any problem. But im not sure about the links between clinic and openerp ! please can someone explain this to me so i can know about this in a better way? i need to know how you make a drug order and receive it as an invoice in openerp. thanks !!

Q: You created a “radiology” order and that appeared in “openelis”? thats weird - only concepts of class - LabTest, LabSet (tests and panels) are synced to ELIS. Not of class - radiology.

Before you get to the order

  • have you created your drugs and can you see them in ERP?
  • If yes, just create specify the drug in the “treatments” tab and see if the quotation is raised.
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no sir i mistyped by saying a radiology order appearing in openelis…i clicked “consultation > orders” then i selected a lab test from laboratory window. that actually appeared in openelis. radiology orders appeared in the orders tab in the bahmni dashboard.

EDIT : OK the the order i made from consultation > orders actually appeared in the openerp in sales>quotation as a draft quotation. now my question is how you created your drugs and see them in ERP? and this “treatment” tab is it in the clinic module? sir if you can briefly tell me the steps to do it , that would be actually great !

@angshuonline we too are facing the same problem in registration fee . we have followed the the documentation of attached link Registration Fee Sync with ERP - Interim Implementation but could not get through it. Can you please suggest us how to sync regfee to openerp. we also created concept as charge registration but is not synced on order type - shop mapping. help me out.

Maybe this will help -