Hosting a fellow at MLH fellowship - 12 weeks open source program for students

Hi folks,

We already engaged with Google Summer of Code for a long time. Along with the GSoC, there are few other open-source programs run in parallel. I just received an email about MLH Fellowship powered by GitHub.

The MLH Fellowship is a fully-managed remote internship alternative for student developers. Students spend 12 weeks contributing to Open Source projects like ours under the guidance of a full-time mentor.


So I hope, if we have a potential one or two projects, then we can go ahead and apply to maintain a fellow there. Please refer this for more details regarding the Host a Fellow: Maintainer Application

Program timeline

  • Orientation: June 1st - 7th
  • Contributing: June 8th - July 12th
  • Hack Week: July 13th
  • Contributing: July 20th - August 23rd
  • Graduation: August 24th

I feel like, we are a bit of late as orientation starts around June 1st. But we can give a try with at least one project this year to see how this goes :wink:.

I appreciate your comments.

Cc: @jennifer

Regards, Suthagar

This is interesting @suthagar23 and thanks for bringing this on board, I totally agree with you since we have many projects that were not included on GSOC2020.

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@suthagar23 to me, this is an opportunity to recall some of out students whose application didn’t go through and were doing great work to the community. What about the projects that were pending? can they be carry forward!

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Thanks, @suthagar23, for sharing this!

From the sounds of it, they are looking to have multiple interns working on a single project - so their “pod” is similar to our “squad:”

At the beginning of the program, fellows are placed into small groups called “pods”. Each pod contains 8-10 students, a professional mentor, and 2-3 Open Source project maintainers. Fellows within the Pod collaborate on their projects over the course of the program.

If that’s the case, then we probably want to propose a project that is larger than our typical GSoC project. There are some projects that are looking for help:

  • OCL for OpenMRS?
  • COVID-19?
  • ETL?

What about our 2020 Roadmap? What are some other ideas? I know they’re out there!

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Yes @jennifer, As you mentioned - the group of students will be working on the projects. So the project scope should be larger than the GSoC project scope.

As we are already late for the submissions, we have to pick something and give a try. If we can’t make it this year, we should able to make it successful next year as well.

Cc: @dkayiwa @burke

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@suthagar23 nice catch :smiley: