Hospital Operation Executive DashBoard webApp.

We are thinking to build the Executive Dashboard web App for Hospital.In the Executive dashboard we want to show the following details. 1.Operation 2.Financial 3.Outcomes 4.Total Admission

we are clear about the web App Interface but need guidance and suggestion what rest web services are available to us to build this kind of webApp.Please provide us your valuable guidance we want to create this webApp for openmrs platform. Just to give your the overview I am adding a dashboard.

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Have you first of all evaluated bahmni? Here is a link to the demo:

Thanks @dkayiwa but we are using the openmrs platform and we want to build the webApp for openmrs.I have idea about Bahmni but not in depth as about openmrs.

Bahmni uses the openmrs platform. I advise you to give it some time to explore the available features before you reinvent the wheel.

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thanks after exploring.I will let you know.

Bahmni is a distribution of OpenMRS, that covers the broad hospital workflow. You should definitely consider it!

To your original question, the OpenMRS reporting module has the back-end queries you’d want, and these are accessible via the Reporting REST module. Read more about that API here:

You should also look at the summer project described here: [GSoC-2017] : Built-In Reports for Reference Application (You may want to jump to the end and then scroll backwards until you find a demo or summary.)

thanks @darius for quick reply.Just want to know can I used Bahmni in my openmrs reference application?

It’s not automatic or straightforward to use Bahmni on top of an existing Reference Application installation. If after doing more research you’d like to explore this more, I can check on the current state and help you investigate.

My task is simple to build the dashboard so I will stick with your reporting rest webservices suggestion.Can you please provide me the link where I can see the JSON request for creating reporting using rest api.I try to find it on github but unable to find it.

I am also confuse about definationLibrary where it is,I am not able to see in webservices documentation.

Generally you cannot create reporting definitions using REST (although you can execute arbitrarily complex things by POSTing serialized XML reporting object).

You would have to create definition in Java code, or through the UI.

Try this to get started:

(There’s a lot more to using the reporting module, which you’ll have to look up the documentation for.)

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