Hiring OpenMRS developer for Intelehealth, a telemedicine start-up

About Intelehealth Intelehealth is a mobile app that improves access to comprehensive primary health care for remote & underserved communities through telemedicine. In remote and underserved rural areas, health clinics are often staffed by nurse aides or community health workers who can only provide a limited amount of services. Using Intelehealth, a health worker can screen and triage for common health conditions in their communities like fever, chest pain, back pain. The health worker can start a patient consultation, collect health information and then connect with a remote doctor for a diagnosis, prescription or referral.

The app uses a customizable knowledge engine with protocols for comprehensive primary care. These guide the health worker through asking the right questions & collecting detailed diagnostic information. Intelehealth uses a cloud hosted enterprise version of OpenMRS, to ensure reliable communication between the patient and the doctor and ensure longitudinal management of patient data.

More details about Intelehealth:

Job Description

We are developing an Android application that communicates directly with the OpenMRS API. We are using the REST API currently and would like someone to help us in modifying the API for stability and reliability. In addition, this person would need to be familiar with the specifics as to how the API handles and modifies the data in OpenMRS, as our next step is to create a new API based on the original OpenMRS API codebase.

Qualifications: • Previous work with OpenMRS API • Experience in developing web or mobile apps using OpenMRS API • Understands the API and its codebase • Understands how to modify the API for stability and reliability • Experience in developing and manipulating the OpenMRS API • Familiarity with Android app development

We’re looking for a self-motivated individual to be a part of a growing start-up.

Job Details Intelehealth is a not-for-profit social enterprise located in Pune, India and Baltimore, MD, USA. We are preferably looking for someone who can work on site (either location is fine), but this position may also be done remotely. This is a full-time contract position for 6 months which may be extended. Anticipated start date would be as soon as possible. Compensation commensurate with experience.

Please send your CV to Neha Goel – neha@intelehealth.io.

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