Hierarchy address in Reporting

Hi, first of all thank for reading me. I was looking for some information about how to use the module Address Hierarchy in reporting but I didn’t found any information. I’ m using standalone 2.6 version to test some functions to improve our project and update to the new version (actually we are using only legacy UI and openmrs 1.1) My project address scenario is very simple: Country, Estate, Region,town. And for example I would like to get all the patient which are in town 1 who are females or get all the patient wich a concept who are in the Region ’ X '. I mean, I would like to combine hierarchy information with the reporting module but I don’t know exactly how to do this filter with the reporting module. I would really appreciate any kind of information.

– Also I’m trying to use UI in the reporting module but it not ready for all the features (for example to web browsing in a HTML report). Anyone knows something about that topic? (Just out of curiosity )

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Hi Antonio,

As far as I know, there is no relation between the address hierarchy and the reporting module. The Address Hierarchy module provides drop down menus for the person address fields so they are standardized across the user input screens and standardized when they are saved in the database tables. This would allow you to group patients based on their address fields. So, if you have “Region” mapped to “state_province” in your addressTemplate, you could create a SQL definition in the reporting module that searches the person and person_address tables. @mseaton may have more information.


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Hi Craig A, thanks for answer me so quickly. I was wondering the same as you say, maybe the only way is doing directly like a query in the database and joint with others queries that I need. But it should be perfect to do directly in the reporting module to have every information split by address in order to create reports in the differents locations (address) that I have. Do any one have other answer for that quertion? thanks so much

@acano15, I don’t believe there is anything in the reporting module that integrates with addresshierarchy to provide this capability. This would need to be developed in.


Okey, thanks so much. I will think how focus the project in other way, best regards