Hiding Items that are not needed

I need to hide the “EnterID” checkbox from the home page and all of the “Fee Information” components on the second page of the Registration page. I have attempted a number of things in the configuration file and still cannot seem to make them disappear.

Thank you! Denise

Please refer Bahmni Registration Config WIKI to configure this.

Please refer Bahmni Registration Visit Details. Removing FeeInformation Extension Point from extention.json will do what you need.

Great! Thank you @swathivarkala. I was able to resolve both of these items so they can be closed! Thank you for help!

@dnelson, by the way, as the original poster of a thread, you should be able to mark it as resolved, by going to the post that resolves it and clicking on the green checkbox, which looks something like this:

(You may need to click the … icon first to see more actions.)

Thank you @darius…always, something else to learn! I appreciate you helping me out. :wink: