Hi guys, I've been struggling with this situation for a couple of days, OpenMrs Platform running successfully but no user interface, I have legacyUI started and also uiframework for gsp pages.

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You can setup the following servers:
1) Distribution
2) Platform

Which one do you choose? [1/2]:

Which type of server are you selecting during the setup process?

  1. I am choosing platform

Choose option 1 since option 2 requires more additional steps to have user interface modules installed.

Oooh Ok. Thanks, let me try

@james that usually happens with Linux esp Ubuntu for the reasons am not sure right now…

But you could as well start your your sdk inside the root directory of legacy ui module that can be found here GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-module-legacyui: The legacy user interface for OpenMRS Platform 2.x is chiefly comprised of administrative functions and the patient dashboard. Apparently, a new and more contemporary UI has been introduced via a UI framework and the legacy UI is kept around for administrative functions that are not yet implemented in the new UI. To retire the Legacy UI as planned, it is required to move the implementations and modules that still rely on it in order to maintain backwards compatibility. The main idea behind this project is to move legacy UI functions into an OpenMRS module that these implementations can install until they are able to migrate away from it, since most of the implementations of OpenMRS around the world are running OpenMRS 1.9. It works for me